Security is our top priority and it’s a top priority for our customers.  We are committed to implementing the best security practices across our service.We perform regular security testing and review our software using third party security specialists.  We also monitor and maintain our security posture to help ensure your information is protected on a regular basis.

Secure Data Transfer.

We encrypt all data using SSL so information can be securely transferred from your users to our hosted service and back again.  It is not possible to login into our system without this level of encryption.

Security Testing.

We perform regular independent security tests, based on best practice, on our service in order to help identify technical and logical vulnerabilities.  We have also performed security tests from within the application to make sure no privacy issues or data leakage can occur.

Coding Standards.

Our system is developed to the highest coding standards and software architecture.  We use best practice with our development framework and lifecycle.  Our code undergoes both functional and security review on a regular basis to ensure high standards of quality.

Complex User Passwords.

We enforce strong password standards.  This can prevent big red cloud users setting a weak password and reducing the risk of brute force and password guessing attacks.

Infrastructure Platform.

Big red cloud is hosted on Microsoft’s platform as a service called Microsoft Azure.  Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of storage, computing, and networking infrastructure services that reside on Microsoft’s network of data centres.  It is a scaleable and redundant network and server infrastructure utilising the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Network perimeter is protected via Microsoft Azure technical controls such as firewalls allowing only required services.  Microsoft data centres undergo  ongoing audits with 24x7x365 monitoring and surveillance, onsite security staff and strict access controls.


Microsoft Windows Azure backs up two separate instances of your data to maximize resilience and availability, one instance in the same data centre and the other in a separate location.

For more information on Azure security please see:

Physical Security.

Microsoft manages the physical security for their data centres and adhere to the highest level of controls.  Power systems, backup generators and replication of key data ensure continuity of service and operation.

Data Location.

All data is stored in the Northern European Data Centre, located in Dublin.

Who Owns the Data?

Big red cloud provides the software for customers to manage their own data.  Eventhough you upload your data onto our service you retain the ownership of that data and are responsible for its accuracy.

Big Red Cloud Personnel Controls.

Big red cloud employees are prohibited from viewing the content of your data, and are only permitted to view metadata (e.g., file names and locations).  In addition, we employ a number of physical and electronic security measures to protect user information from unauthorized access.

Security Concerns? Where Should I Report These?

We take a number of measures to ensure that the data you store on big red cloud is safe and secure.  While we’re very confident in our technology, we recognize that no system can guarantee data security with 100% certainty.  For that reason, we will continue to innovate to make sure that our security measures are state of the art, and we will investigate any and all reported security issues concerning services or software.

For a direct line to our security experts, report security issues to