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Big Red Cloud Power Accounting – Setup Guide.

Integrate your Big Red Cloud accounts with Microsoft Excel.

Welcome to Big Red Cloud’s Power Accounting Setup Guide.  Using this guide, and the Big Red Cloud Power Accounting Add-in for Excel, you can import and export data to and from your company in Big Red Cloud.

Visit the following link to download our Excel template:

Download our Add-in

Click on the green Add button to begin the download.

Press the blue link to Open in Excel ensuring to follow the below steps:

  1. Connect to your Big Red Cloud company.

Simply input your API key in the panel on the right hand side, and click “Connect to Company”

Connecting to your company will:

1. Allow you to import/export data to/from your company using the Big Red Cloud Power Accounting Add-in.

2. Customize your template for use with your Big Red Cloud company.

Unsure how to generate or retrieve your API Key?  Click here to move to the Generating an API Key Guide

2. Proceed to our handy How To Guide

Follow our in depth help on how to use each tab within this page.

Click here for our How To Guide

     3. Remember, our support team are only ever a phone call away if you need further assistance.

1. Call us on 01 2048300

2. Email us on support@bigredcloud.com/

Things to note:

  1. You must connect to your company before editing any content or creating any data in the template.
  2. The API Key is retained within the template – you should be mindful that anyone who can access the template, can access/update the data in your Big Red Cloud company.
  3. Distributing your API Key will allow the recipients to access/update the data in your Big Red Cloud company, using this any software that has the ability to connect to the Big Red Cloud API.
  4. API Keys can be deactivated, reactivated, or deleted at any time from within Big Red Cloud, allowing you to revoke someones ability to use their API Key.