How to run a happy workplace for better results

By Marc O'Dwyer - 20th Feb 2018

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There is no doubt that happy employees are more productive. This means more return on investment for the company. Employees in unhappy workplaces will not want to go to work and are more likely to call in sick. This costs companies a lot of money if it happens a lot.

So many companies talk the talk about open door policies and employee satisfaction. Some even have great policies in place that are all talk with no substance. Make sure that when you have these policies in place employees feel they are real.

For a happier workplace there are some things all workplaces can follow to improve.

Work life balance and flexibility

These days employees are looking for work life balance to spend more time with their families and to pursue their dreams. For a happy workplace it is necessary to show flexibility and support when staff need it. Work is a large part of people’s lives.

Allow flex days where staff build up time for a day off or allow staff to work from home on a regular basis. These types of benefits build reciprocal trust levels. Employees will return this with loyalty and greater ownership of their jobs. This way you show your staff they are important members of the team.

Avoid micro management

It can be hard to let go when you have created your own company but micro managing defeats the purpose of having staff. Avoid micro managing for it will make it difficult for employees to do their jobs. Productivity will plummet causing an unhappy workplace.

Micro management tells employees you do not trust them, and destroys their self-confidence. Build trust in the people you hire and they will take pride in the work they do. Keep all the commitments the company makes to staff to build trust and loyalty further. Staff may become sceptical and stop anything the company tells them.

Forget the micro-managing. It does more damage to the business than good. When you show trust in your employees it is a happier, more confident workplace with staff that takes pride in what they do.

Validate and praise employee commitment

Acknowledge, praise, validate your employees’ achievements at work and in their private lives. This makes them feel proud and appreciated, and they will push themselves to do even better in their daily work. Recognising your employees work and personal achievements costs the company nothing and goes a long way towards creating a happy workplace. It shows the company values them and their contribution, which builds staff loyalty and commitment.

Offer rewards other than pay rises

Certainly, pay rises are a great incentive to get things done in the workplace. Introduce some fun rewards not linked to wages. Things like gift cards, weekends away and flex days are good too as it promotes quality time away from the workplace. Fun rewards can add some fun to the working day.

Add fun activities to your workplace

Adding fun activities on a regular basis in the workplace satisfies your employees’ social side. Consider a monthly morning tea, a barbecue lunch, or a team bonding exercise like paintball. These will help staff bond and work better together.

Do this sort of thing no particular reason other than to celebrate your staff’s hard work. You can also use these types of activities to celebrate company, team and individual successes to build one cohesive unit. It is a great way to build a fun, happy work atmosphere where everyone works to the best of their ability.

Invest in personal and professional development

In an ideal world companies may want to invest in employee personal and professional growth, it may not be practical. But you can do this after employee’s meet certain milestones in the company. For example, after 5 years of service professional development can be a link to promotion.

Companies can also offer staff cost-effective learning in other ways. Through things like learning seminars and workshops, and other subsidised learning options. This shows employees you are willing to back them to help them grow. This helps employees feel appreciated and gives them something more to work towards.

For the best results from your staff, creating a fun, enjoyable place to work will have employees wanting to come to work every day. This will reduce time off and staff turnover that can eat into a company’s bottom line. To boost your company’s productivity, create a happy workplace where your staff want to be.


About the Author: Marc O'Dwyer

Marc is the CEO at Big Red Cloud, the easy to use online accounting software for micro, small and medium sized businesses. Having founded the company back in 2002 with the goal of helping companies to better manage their accounts, Marc also finds time to train and compete in Ironman and triathlon events in Ireland, the UK and across Europe.