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Online accounting software designed to be simple and easy to use

Let’s be honest – doing the accounts is not top of the list for most small business owners. Actually, it’s way down the list and often tackled only when tax and VAT deadlines loom.

That’s why we made sure that Big Red Cloud is simple and easy to use so that you’re not bogged down trying to get the software to work for your business.

Welcome to Big Red Cloud’s online accounting software.

Big Red Cloud makes online accounting software pretty straight forward. In fact, you’ll be able to send your first invoice within 5 minutes of signing up for our 30 day free trial.

Check Out Our Self Service Wizard

Important as it is but time spent on your accounts is time spent away from your business. That's why our Setup Wizard will guide you through setting up your online accounting software in just nine easy steps. Sounds easy, well it is. We designed the Big Red Cloud Setup Wizard so that you'd be up and running in five minutes and ready to send your first invoice. Any issues arising, just reach out to our expert customer support team. We provide free telephone support and our customer support team are just a call away.

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Sending invoices is super easy with our Mobile App.

You no longer have to wait to get back to the office to raise your invoices. With our Mobile Invoice App you can raise and send an invoice from the floor of your customer's premises. No need to wait to access your laptop or go back to the office.

What's more, with the Mobile Invoice App you can add brand new customer accounts or look up existing customer balances.

Our Mobile Invoice App is free to download but you must possess a Big Red Cloud account to avail of its functionality

Online Accounting Support

While the trend is for other accounting software providers to move telephone support overseas or resort to email support only, we've long realised that local telephone support that knows the Irish accounting and VAT rules is absolutely essential.

We have a dedicated team of accounting software experts who are here to assist you at every stage of your journey.


Online Accounting Wizard

Our online accounting wizard will have you up and running in nine simple steps. No hassle, no worries - it's an easy-to-follow setup wizard.

You'll be comfortably able to send your first invoice within 5 minutes of creating your new account.


Everything you need to manage your business


We’ll have you raising and sending your first invoice within minutes of signing up or you can elect to use our Mobile Invoice App when you are out and about.

VAT reports

Manage all you VAT reporting and obligations. Big Red Cloud works in the background to automatically calculate and produce all your VAT reports. When required, just print out the VAT report you are required to submit to your local tax office.

Management reports

Run management reports from our library or you can create your own. Keep an eye on key expenditures, manage your aged debtors or analyse KPIs essential to the profitability of your business.

User permissions

Many businesses will assign roles and responsibilities to specific individuals but there is company data that you will want to keep private. With Big Red Cloud, you can assign permissions to users for specific areas/functions.

Audit Trail

Knowing there is an error in your accounts is one thing but finding out how it occurred is another. Big Red Cloud provides a step by step documented history of all transactions so that you can investigate errors if and when they arise. This is particularly relevant if a customer is invoiced incorrectly – you can quickly identify who made the error and when.

Change or delete entries

We enable you to change or delete account or invoice data but we protect you from yourself. You can safely undo any accounting error with ease as long as it does not undermine any of the business processes in place.

This is a feature pretty much unique to Big Red Cloud and we know is much valued by our small business community.

Track income

Read our guide on Cash Flow or talk to any small business adviser and they’ll all tell you that it’s essential to track income coming into your business. What are the trends? Is it seasonal and do you generate more cash sales than credit/invoice sales?

Big Red Cloud gives you full visibility of money coming in to your business.

Track Expenditure

If you’ve more money going out than coming in, even if you’re profitable, that could be a bridge too far for your business. As with income, tracking expenditure is a critical component of managing your business.

Are you paying invoices too quickly by not availing of full credit terms or are you letting invoices pile up with ensuing cash flow difficulties.

Customer statements

Customer statements are really important. They allow you to summarise all the invoices and payments for a customer in a single view. Generally, businesses will send statements on a monthly basis. Statements are a great tool to help customers pay faster as they can see the total invoices outstanding that they still have to pay. It also displays an overview of all transactions between you and the customer.

With Big Red Cloud it’s super easy to create and email statements and print a copy to post via regular mail as well.

Cash book

The cash book is where transactions relating only to cash receipts and payments are recorded. Ask any business owner in the restaurant trade and they’ll tell you that the cash book is really important as they have to keep track of small cash purchases that would otherwise slip through the cracks.

If your small business purchases items regularly by cash, then the Big Red Cloud cash book is a great feature.


Credit sales – those sales given on credit to customers will end up in the debtor’s ledger. Running aged debtor’s reports will tell you how long monies are owing and by whom.


The creditor’s ledger will help you track the money your business owes now and into the future. Be watchful of suppliers that issue invoices erratically as there is nothing as frustrating as two invoices arriving together – it can play havoc with your cash flow.

“With Big Red Cloud I can work anywhere at anytime from the office, to the car or even at home, all in real time with my bookkeeper and accountant.”

Cian McGrath, Base2Race

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Big Red Cloud Mac compatible?

Yes! Big Red Cloud is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Is it possible to post my invoices in addition to emailing them?

Print & post and email your invoices. The flexibility and choice is yours with Big Red Cloud’s online accounting software.

Can I create invoices on my smartphone?

Absolutely! Our Mobile Invoice App is designed to enable you to create and send invoices from your smartphone or tablet when you are out on the road.

Am I allowed to change or delete entries?

Unlike other accounting software providers, Big Red Cloud allows you to change/ edit entries. What’s more, we track every change so that you have a complete audit trail.

Is online accounting software safe?

Big Red Cloud accounting software is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Azure offers our customers the best in data protection. Azure helps make Big Red Cloud accessible and 100% secure for you at all times.

How much is Big Red Cloud’s accounting software?

Again, flexibility is key. You can pay per month, per year or for three years. Starts at €28 a month.


Take control of your small business accounts with Big Red Cloud.


30 day trial. No credit card required.

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