Big Red Cloud online accounting software is ideal for accountants.
It has a whole range of easy to use features. One of the great benefits of an online accounting software is that you are not tied to one office or location.

You can gain access to your accounts with any web enabled device. It is cutting edge technology and takes away much of the frustration that comes from being tied to normal office hours. It is both dynamic and flexible


Accountants can have easy access to accounts 24/7 with an online accounts system and this can help greatly when under time constraints or when handling multiple accounts. The system allows flexibility and access at all times allowing the accountant to structure his/her time better and more efficiently.

One of the great advantages for accountants is the ability to interact with clients in real time. This can be achieved through the instant messaging and other features.  Time spent waiting for documents are greatly reduced. Documents that require a signature can even be processed online.

Other advantages include having an unlimited number of users who can log on to the system. All you need do is click – ‘Add User’. It really is that simple! Support is free of charge with Big Red Cloud and you can contact us in a variety of ways over the phone, email or through a video call, anytime.  We have a wealth of useful video resources for new users to become familiar with the software and training is provided in order for you to learn how to use it most effectively.

Jim Bourke CPA/CITP at Withum Smith and Brown compared moving from on-premise to a cloud environment as ‘upgrading from a garden hose to a fire hose’. The bigger pipe or bandwidth allows greater access to your accounts information – around the clock. The only thing that is essential is that your internet connection is reliable.

Online accounting is a prime example of the Software as a Service model and it saves accountants having to update and maintain software on a local computer. When you buy a traditional package any updates that are needed are an extra and often unforeseen expense.

Data back-up and recovery are hallmarks of this accounting solution. This is one of the primary worries for companies that keep their data on premises. Loss of crucial data can be seriously detrimental to a business in terms of its cost. It can seriously damage client confidence.  This is not an issue with online accounting.

There is no license fee to be paid

Regular upgrades are made by the vendor without impacting on your business whatsoever. With traditional accounting software upgrades would often disrupt the work of an accountant costing valuable time.  Support costs are lower as the vendor will supply support rather than employing experts in-house to handle this.

It is predicted that in 10 years that there will be almost no data held on premises.  Online accounting systems take away the need for installing hardware and employing staff and having the storage space to maintain an accounting system. Online accounting software eliminates all of this. It is in the hands of the vendor. One less headache!

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