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The Discount Dilemma: Taking Better Control of Your Finances

Offering customers a discount for early payment of their invoices might sound like a good idea when cash flow is tight, but there are cheaper and more efficient ways of encouraging timely settlement of customer [...]

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The Value of Wise Counsel: The Benefits of Business Mentoring

The value of wise counsel No matter how much you know about your business, a good entrepreneur will recognise that they cannot know everything. Once you accept this, the logical thing to do is find [...]

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The Advantages of using an Irish Accounting Software as an Irish Business

There is a lot to be said for supporting Irish businesses at any time, but as companies up and down the country come to terms with the changes forced on them by coronavirus there are [...]

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Taking the Pain out of Accounting – 5 Accounting Hacks You Can Try

Taking the pain out of accounting From eliminating duplicate transactions and simplifying credit control to managing expense receipts and improving record keeping, there are a number of relatively easy steps you can take to get [...]

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How to Reap the Digital Dividend – Moving Away from Manual Accounting

There are many benefits to small businesses in moving away from all manual accounting processes. The most obvious is that using cloud-based bookkeeping allows financial information to be accessed any time from any web-enabled device [...]

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The Key Steps in Creating a Thriving Family Business

Running in the family Helping your children understand the financial aspects of your business is a great starting point for creating an enterprise that is capable of lasting into the next generation and beyond.   [...]

By |July 1st, 2020|Categories: Small Business|0 Comments

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