The issue of security and data protection in cloud computing is an extremely important one. It can seem that it is the main issue that many have when it comes to moving from on-premise to cloud technology. Fears over cloud security are quite understandable. In essence you are letting your data be held by a third party and placing your trust in them rather than taking that responsibility on yourself. It is encouraging then that earlier this week the European Union’s data protection authorities found that Microsoft’s enterprise cloud services meet the high standards of EU privacy law.

The EU data protection directive had set a high bar for privacy protection. It is an important step then that users of Microsoft’s suite of cloud services know that their data protection has met this bar. With an ever increasing adoption of cloud technology by corporations and consumers alike it is of utmost importance that this particular field is regulated. The logical step is for governance bodies such as national governments and pan-continent bodies such as the E.U. to approve providers who would offer services within their jurisdiction.

Here at Big Red Cloud, our own cloud accounting software service is hosted by Microsoft Azure. Due to this announcement we are delighted that we are able to offer our customers the best in data protection and we must commend Microsoft for being leaders on this very important issue.