Understanding Your

Accounts Is Even More


… Because you have to know, down to the euro, how your cash-flow is shaping up, who owes you money and for how long they owe you, who you owe money to and if your VAT and tax obligations up-to-date.

Isn’t That What I Pay My Accountant For?

Yes, to a point.  Your accountant is an important component of your business and his/her accounting skills and business advice are essential to the running of a stable, secure and profitable business. But your accountant will not be standing beside you on a daily basis when general business decisions need to be made.

Some Scenarios

Deciding whether or not to grant credit to an important customer.

For some businesses, a slow paying debtor who accounts for a significant chunk of the turnover can spell ruin. Do you know what an aged debtors report is and can you quickly determine what your customers payment history is like?

A supplier has an incredible cash only deal on a piece of equipment that you’d love to have.

Are you able to prepare and read your cash flow statement? A great cash deal now could wreak havoc with your cash-flow and cause you to miss some customer delivery deadlines.

It’s true, the ‘best’ of businesses will struggle and stumble all for want of a better understanding of the mechanics of their accounts. But accounts just like mechanics is a nuts and bolts kind of thing. Learn how it’s put together and you’re on the road to a better understanding of what makes your business tick.

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What some business owners are saying about


I’m just thrilled with the results. Account-Ability has helped me get to grips with the basics of my accounts. I’m in a much better position as I actually undertand the key aspects of my accounts.

Jess Maguire, Small business owner

I knew that this ecourse would teach me something but I was unprepared for how much I took from it. I’m pretty good at what I do but I had no formal trining in accounts. Account-Ability has helped me no-end and for that I’m grateful.

John Malone, Small business owner



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