“We’re very much a general practice here with a lot of SME and family-owned businesses,” said the managing partner of Amatino Barry Kieran. “Everything from small startups, sole trades right up to partnerships, companies, to medium-sized companies [and enterprises] up to the €30-50m turnover bracket, we have a lot of tradespeople [on our books].

“Right across the spectrum, we’ve 2,000 clients here in the practice across the four offices so we really see a broad range of industries.

Amatino has a lot of momentum pushing it forward. Originally founded in 1993, it now has 43 people on its books across four offices in Dublin, Cavan, Monaghan and Carrickmacross – the Dublin office was opened last year to help with service development.

Add to that a client base where it’s easier to list the sectors it doesn’t cover – finance and insurance for those wondering – and you have a business that relies on versatility and flexibility to succeed.

A key part to achieving this is its partnership with Big Red Cloud, starting way back when it was originally Big Red Book.

Kieran mentions how one of the main reasons it started using Big Red Cloud was for its ease of use, something both its staff and its clients found thanks to its user-friendly nature. As it evolved, so too did the company.

“As a product, it’s evolved and developed well over the years and as it is now… [being a] cloud-based package has a few advantages,” said Kieran. “It’s very stable, it has good data security but mainly with any cloud package, all our systems move to be a completely cloud-based practice at this stage.

“All our software and packages are cloud-based and  the big advantage is it allows us real time information for our clients so we can give them the most powerful, up to date information and reports.”

The other element that works in its favour is Big Red Cloud’s adaptability. Considering the number of clients Amatino serves, who are in areas like  construction, retail, hospitality, engineering and manufacturing, and the different sizes of each company, being able to adjust and change the service to suit their needs is crucial.

By making those adjustments and monitoring new entries and changes, they and their clients are able to spot any trends that might emerge and take action faster.

“You can spot the trends much sooner,” he said. “So if there is a problem or there is something either moving against you or in the wrong way, you’ve the opportunity to stop it and correct it. [On the other hand] if there’s a real opportunity in the business or something going the right way, you’ll see it quicker and can drive it better.”

“It’s very flexible with its reporting ability and you can write your own reports. You might have a set of reports for a bar or hotel restaurants [and] have a different set of reports for a shop so it’s very adaptable.”

This level of versatility is important as Amatino continues to grow and expand its reach. It has a number of clients in both Northern Ireland and mainland UK – Kieran says that around 10% to 15% of its practice would be cross-border thanks to its offices being located in Cavan and Monaghan and the benefit of using Big Red Cloud is that it caters for both Irish and UK territories.

Its tax consultancy business is experiencing strong growth thanks to the strength of the overall economy while developing and growing its presence in Dublin is of particular importance.

One of its offerings that it’s seen strong demand for over the last number of years is through clients outsourcing their accounts and finance functions to them. That means it handles all parts of their bookkeeping like payroll, VAT, and RCT (Relevant Contracts Tax).

It’s another area where its partnership with Big Red Cloud pays off dividends and why it’ll continue to play a key role in its growth.

“Big Red Cloud is very good in that respect,” said Kieran. “Whether it’s us connecting into the client system or connecting back into our system, they can get that real-time reporting and real-time information.

“No matter what business they’re in, the key is getting up to date and accurate information to make the decision.”