mobile marketing

No Business Is Too Small for Mobile Marketing

Everyone has heard of the fear of failure, but the fear of success is what prevents […]

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Brexit in Kinsale

Brexit in Kinsale

Brexit in Kinsale A few months back we were mulling over the idea of carrying out […]

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Work experience

My Week of Work Experience At Big Red Cloud

My name is Gwen McArdle and I am a 16 year old Transition Year student. Every […]

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balance work

Three steps to help balance work and family life

Even with all of the technological improvements over the past few decades that are supposed to […]

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Sponsor for a Day Golf brand extension

Brand extension with Sponsor for a Day golf

Two weeks ago, Bank of Ireland announced details of their Sponsor for a Day golf competition 2016 which […]

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Your own business

Building the courage to take the leap into your own business

Are you sitting at your desk, daydreaming of starting your own business? So, what’s stopping you? If you […]

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PR Strategy

Developing a Small Business PR Strategy for a New Launch

Many small business owners can spend several months or even years in developing a new product […]

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6 things you need to know about Instagram for your small business

If your small business is not currently using Instagram, then you’re missing a tremendous opportunity. If […]

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customer loyalty programme

Adding a customer loyalty programme to your small business

Successful small business owners know that it’s much easier to keep a current customer than to […]

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