Have you filed your tax returns?

  Tax return day has come and hopefully there aren’t too many of you who will […]

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What Makes Good Accounting Software For Accountants?

  Does it make doing the accounts easier? That is the calling card of what makes […]

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£75 Million Profit Shortfall At Balfour Beatty

  Hot on the heels of Tesco’s £250 m profit overstatement, construction kingpins Balfour Beatty, have […]

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Best accounting software for accountants and clients alike

  The way accountants practice has changed dramatically due to the advent of cloud accounting. In […]

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Affordable software for accountants in practice

  Over the last number of years accounting software solutions have revolutionised how accountants practice. So […]

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Alternatives to excel for accounting

  There are without doubt many small businesses and start ups who use Microsoft Excel to […]

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Double Entry Bookkeeping for Dummies

  Nearly every business person has heard of bookkeeping but what is actually involved in keeping […]

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SEPA Compliance Deadline

  Did you know that the SEPA compliance deadline is 31st January 2014? This means that […]

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Changes To P35 And P60 Forms For 2014

  Revenue has issued changes to P35 and P60 Forms for 2014. These revisions have come […]

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A Simple Online Accounting Solution Ideal for Bookkeepers

Simplicity is something many bookkeepers long for.

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