balance sheet accounts

How to read your balance sheet

What is your balance sheet? Simply put, your balance sheet is a statement of a business’ […]

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How to invoice properly: what do you need to include?

  Ask any business person, ‘what is the most important business document?’ Unquestionably the answer will […]

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The Companies Act 2014 Ireland

  Ten years in the making, the Companies Act 2014 came into effect on June 1st […]

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How to make sense of your profit and loss account

  Your profit and loss account contains a wealth of information about your business but how […]

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8 steps to keeping on top of your accounts

  Doing the books really isn’t the most exciting thing in the world is it? That’s […]

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5 steps to sorting your self employed accounts (UK)

  Those of you that run a business as a sole trader or as part of […]

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5 reasons to use business accounting software

  Are you thinking of starting a business? Or maybe you’re running one but not yet […]

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What does your accounting year end mean for your business?

  With the start of a new calendar year, your business’ accounting year may have come […]

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Taking the hassle out of your financial year end

  If you’re a business owner it’s likely that you’ve heard horror stories about the accounting […]

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Small Company Accounts – Don’t Go It Alone

  If you have set up a start up or you’re running a small business, how […]

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