Free Accounting Software For Life For Innovative Startup Of The Year.

Big Red Cloud is sponsoring the Innovative Startup Category at the National Startup Awards 2014. In recognition of the dedication and sheer hard work in building a successful smart modern enterprise, Big Red Cloud is providing free accounting software for life for the Innovative Startup category winner, free payroll for one year for all thirteen category winners and 90 days free access to the Big Red Cloud to all entrants.

Dublin, Ireland, June 20th 2014 – In 2014 some forty thousand new companies will be registered in Ireland, that’s over three thousand five hundred per month. Entrepreneurial activity is at its highest in Ireland since the financial crisis began in 2008 and acccording to GEM Research, Ireland is now ranked 2nd among the EU-28 countries for early stage entrepreneurial activity.

The National Startup Awards, now in its third year, is a platform with which Irish industry can acknowledge the success of the startup sector and the significant revenues and employment this sector contributes to the Irish economy.

One of the noticeable shifts among the new emerging entrepreneurial sector in Ireland is their adoption of cloud technology to run their businesses; be it their accounting software, the online tools to manage logistics and shipping, the ability to manage a multilingual website from the comfort of their office, or to liaise in real-time with key customers and business partners no matter where they are located.

Whilst the cloud has made some aspects of starting a business easier, the challenges and obstacles facing new startups are still considerable. Here at Big Red Cloud we’ve focussed on helping startups get on with what they do best – running their businesses – by providing simple and easy-to-use accounting software at a price point that’s appropriate for a startup.

“We are delighted to sponsor the National Startup Awards,” said Marc O’Dwyer, CEO at Big Red Cloud. “We deal with hundreds of small and medium enterprises on a weekly basis and we witness at first hand the huge amount of work that these startup heroes get through to make their business dreams a reality. Sponsoring helps us to continue to play our small part in both enabling and recognising their achievements.”
“Our message to startups is clear,” O’Dywer adds, “we deliver simple to use accounting and bookkeeping for business owners that know their business but won’t necessarily know accounts and books. In fact, we’re delivering a level of service that had previously only been available to large corporates and this is a game changer for startups. They now have access to a robust and feature rich technology stack at a fraction of the price. It’s a great time to be a Smart Modern Enterprise.”


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Big Red Cloud manufactures and distributes simple and easy to use online accounting software at an affordable price. Designed with the latest cloud technology, it is safe, secure and very user friendly.
Big Red Cloud is a great example of the best of what the cloud has to offer. We believe in giving exceptional value by including unlimited transactions, unlimited reports, unlimited users and unlimited support to enable smart modern enterprises get on with doing what they do best which is to sell their products or services.

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