Acquiring traffic to your company website is no easy feat. To be more precsie, acquiring the right traffic to your company website is no easy feat. It’s not all about volume. It requires skill, commitment, and significant attention to detail. There are many ways to generate shareable content to attract the right visitor, but these 6 are worth considering.

1. Subscribe to TalkerWalker

We always want to write content that is trending high in the search engines. Instead of relying on Google Alerts like everyone else, check out TalkerWalker Alerts. It’s free to join and also offers more relevant results based on the topic of choice.

2. Subscribe to SmartBrief

SmartBrief sends each subscriber a newsletter every day, filled with approximately ten different articles surrounding a single topic. Webmasters can then use these stories as ideas to create similar, original content that is equally shareable.

This is important as many small business owners find this task to be off putting and to be honest, somewhat scary. Using SmartBrief will help you come up with endless lists of possible ideas for your own unique content.

3. Be social

The key to success through social media is being, well, social!  It is important to share, like, and comment on other people’s posts if you want them to return the favour. Avoid only sharing promotional campaigns on your Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. Nobody likes to be bombarded by advertisements 24-hours a day. Offer some useful advice or “how-to” videos to generate more shares and likes.

We’ve said this before – Be Brave, Be Social.

4. Pay attention to blog comments

Too many webmasters fail to read their own blog comments. Strangely, this is where some of the best ideas for new content tend to generate. Very often, readers will ask questions, discuss problems, or express related concerns within these blog comments.

Reading the blog comments on competitors’ websites is also a great source of information. Be proactive and address these issues within your shareable social media posts or future blog content.

5. Share good news as well as the bad

Everybody loves a good train wreck. We can’t seem to take our eyes off of them. But a study by Jonah Berger from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania examined over 7,000 articles from the New York Times. Berger’s key finding is that good news tends to go viral faster than bad news.

6. Use Lists

Thanks to the rise in popularity of smartphone technology, today’s consumer spends more time reading website content than ever. Use itemised lists in your content to improve reader-friendliness and sharability. Listed information with numbers or bullet-points is simply easier and less intimidating to read.  Here at Big Red Cloud, we even try to use lists in the creation of our instructional manuals to make them easier for our customers to read.

There are several creative methods of creating shareable content. If writing content is not your favourite thing to do, then perhaps consider sharing your content in video form. Social media is always changing. So, it’s critically important to keep current with the latest trends. You’ll have seen this before and it may sound corny but there is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’. Where possible, build a team around you and you’ll be surprised how quickly you will be able to tackle the 6 tips above and create content that both customers and prospects alike will look forward to reading and sharing with their own networks.