Starting a new construction business, indeed, any business takes courage. Unfortunately, it also requires a certain level of dedication, skill, and ingenuity, too. If you want to be your own boss by starting a construction company, then here are some simple marketing ideas that can prove very profitable.

1. Hire a professional logo designer

Your company logo is the visual calling card for your business. It is the image that will play a significant role in the success of your branding strategies. Professional graphic designers are very creative, and they can create a professional logo that truly represents your company brand.

Think about this – with your construction business, you plan to help people realise their dreams for their homes so make sure your logo is one that is reassuring and looks great. It’s amazing how many logos look like an afterthought – is that a company you’d do business with?

2. Set a budget

Be careful of underbidding on a job. Especially in the beginning stages of a construction business, some people tend to focus more on landing a paying gig than on the potential for profitability. While it is important to get your name out there, you also don’t want to get the reputation as a construction manager who can’t budget properly.

3. Maximize your profits

Even though you love what you do, you still have to pay attention to the profit margins. There will always be a temptation to spend the extra cash on new equipment, the hiring of new employees, or on creative marketing campaigns. Set aside a certain percentage of the profits for these upgrades, and stick to it. The Big Red Cloud accounting software makes managing your finances quick and easy.

4. Learn social media

Too many first-time business owners are intimidated by social media. The mistaken assumption is that the business owner has to be active on multiple different platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Who has the time? Instead of signing up for five different accounts in a single day, start out small. Pick one or two that appeal to you the most, and just dive right in.

5. Post pictures of jobs on social media

Social media is a great way to showcase your portfolio of past work. As you complete each job, post some “before and after” pictures. Maybe you can even get the client to write a glowing recommendation about your construction services, too.

This is so important – word of mouth is probably the key to a successful construction business. So make sure you amplify your word of mouth by engaging with social media.

6.  Find a niche

What is your particular area of expertise? Do you prefer residential renovations? Are you an expert in new construction of luxury homes? Or maybe you excel in building multi-level parking garages or strip malls? Establish your company as an expert in a particular field, and customers will be willing to pay ‘top dollar’ for your services.

Building a strong company brand takes hard work and patience. While social media is a very effective tool, it takes much more than an active Facebook account to achieve financial success. Whether you are interested in starting a new construction company or simply want to promote the one that you already own, following these very simple strategies can help increase profits and brand name recognition.